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Bring paying customers to your Web site with a PPC campaign from Asia Pacific IT. If someone is searching the Internet with your keywords, chances are they’re looking to buy. Pay Per Click Advertising puts your ads in the sponsored links section of the results page where qualified prospects are sure to see them.

Pay Per Click Advertising


Reach a large national audience or localised niche


Track and analyse the effectiveness of your campaign


Drive targeted and qualified visitors to your Web site

Put our experience to work for you

Asia Pacific IT Pay Per Click Advertising gets your ads in the sponsored link section of the search engine results page. We use our years of experience managing pay per click (PPC) campaigns to find the best strategy to tap into the stream of qualified Web traffic and drive it to your site.

How Much Does Pay Per Click Advertising Cost?

While other online marketing companies charge thousands of dollars per month for the same service, our PPC plans start at just $300/month. We use our technology and expertise to drastically lower the cost of our services and pass the savings on to you.

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