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Realtor Web Solution uses php scripting language and mySQL database as a backend. This makes Realtor Web Solution a multi-platform web application. It can run on unix or windows servers, the main requirements to install Realtor Web Solution are:
  • PHP - php scripting language, version 4.3 or newer. Sure it will run on older versions, but to be sure about the security and stability of your application we recommend the latest version of php to be installed (please note that development versions of php may have some serious bugs, please, do not use those for production servers);
  • mySQL - mySQL database server and php module to support mySQL installed and configured on your host;
  • GD2 - GD2 graphic library to be compiled into your php installation, if you don't have it ask your hosting provider, this is the most common module installed for php;
  • mod_rewrite - mod_rewrite is an Apache module which is useful for rewriting URLs, something like changing .php extension to .html for better SEO. This module is optional, the system can operate well without this.

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