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Realtor Web Solution Features


  • Supports unlimited number of realtors and listings, the system is fast enough to store thousands of listings on any public virtual hosting;
  • Users have possibility to search for the real estate listings and realtors using simple interface or advanced search form which includes almost all the database fields which makes the search more sensitive and allows different sorting methods and options;
  • New Agents Account Email Verification;
  • Multiple locations simple search on the home page;
  • Includes simple navigation system which is based on the Search Cache (tm) system which remembers the last realtors or listings search;
  • Realtor Web Solution is a multi-language and multi-template system, this means you can have an unlimited number of languages and templates for the users to choose from;
  • There's a possibility to store realtor photo or main listing photo (GD2, JPEG) which appears in the search results, supports automatic image resizing;
  • Slide Show mode supported for Photo Gallery images; ( Slideshow Demo )
  • Supports featured listings which are controlled via the administrator panel.
  • Visitors can send the realtor an inquiry using simple web messaging system. Realtor's e-mail remains hidden;
  • The 'Contacts' link in the menu shows all the realtors registered in the system;
  • Mail to a friend; 'Agents Online' module added (show logged in agents);
  • Google maps api version 2 supported; Yahoo driving directions supported; ( Example )
  • Print Listing link;
  • PDF link; ( Sample )
  • Virtual Tour link; ( Demo )*
  • Mortgage Calculator;
  • Simple CMS in Administrator to edit additional pages like About Us etc;
  • Contact Administrator Form;
  • Sitemap & Google base feed;
  • The number of visitors is counted for each realtor and listing;
  • UTF-8 support and all the required translating functions;
  • Tons of other features included!
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* You will need the respective software and equipment in order to allow you to create your own in-house interactive tours. Please contact us for further information about the virtual tour software.

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