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Web Booking Engine produces more reservations from your web site

Improve your reservation process

The Online Booking Manager is a unique multilingual system and a highly cost-effective method for promoting your accommodation services online.

The Online Booking Manager is available in seven versions, for one hotel only, for chain hotels, for hotels portal (unlimited number of hotels), for apartments/flats/cottages/villas, for one hostel only, for hostels portal (unlimited number of hostels) and for daily tours. You can have your own state of the art, robust PHP/MySQL based real time reservation system.

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Booking engine built with latest technology

The setup of the Online Booking Manager is easily controlled from the Control Panel, enabling you to created special promotional packages and easily change room availability and rates.  In addition, the booking engine offers these important features:

  • Web Site Match: The booking engine is customized to match each hotel’s website design so that the booking engine becomes a part of the hotel web site.  In this way, travelers never leave your web site to make a reservation.
  • Multiple Languages: Travelers can book reservations in 8 major languages, with flags that allow for easy language selection.
  • Availability Calendars: Colorful calendars show travelers when you have available rooms, when you are fully booked, or when there are special minimum stay requirements.
  • Special Promotional Codes: Issue special codes to guests, travel agents, or tour operators to provide access to special rates or promotions.
  • Corporate Codes: Issue special codes to business customers for access to corporate rates.
  • Dynamic Packaging: Increase your profits by offering additional products or services as part of the booking process, from Champaign in the room to airport transfers and golf tee times.
  • Traveler Profiles:  Frequent visitors to your hotel can create a profile in the booking engine. This stored information greatly speeds the booking process when they return to your hotel to make another reservation.
  • Room Photos: The booking engine displays photos for each of your room/property types, giving travelers the information they need to select the best room for their needs.
  • Hotel Policies Displayed: Cancellation policies, check-in and check-out times are clearly communicated to travelers.
  • Reservation Confirmations by Email: Whenever a reservation is made, the traveler receives an email to confirm the reservation. The hotel also receives an email to inform you of the reservation.
  • Universal Technology: Our booking engine uses universal technology and works on all computers without the need for plug-ins.
  • Multi-Payment System: Your customers have the option to pay by Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer

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