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Web Solutions

Web Development

Asia Pacific IT will provide you with an innovative, attractive and professional web development that will assist you to open new markets for your business, a solution that is 100% tailored to your needs. More Info

Online Booking Manager (for hotel website)

OBM (Online Booking Manager) transforms your hotel’s website into a ‘revenue center’, maximises the usage of rooms and facilities within your property by increasing efficiency while eliminating double bookings. Power up your Hotel Website with Online Booking Manager to generate direct online bookings that convert website visitor into BOOKER, leading to profit optimization and website ROI (Return on Investment) ratio. More Info

Realtor Web Solution

Professional Realtor/Agent/FSBO Real Estate Listings for your website today. The perfect real estate listings management solution for updating and editing property listings on your website. Learn More

Content Management System (CMS)

At Asia Pacific IT we use our proprietary content management system APIT CMS System for all our customers to update their own content as often as they want, so you keep up with your content, and down with your costs. Learn More

Search Engine Submission Optimization

Use our search engine submission services to make sure your business is one of the websites people can find. We will optimize and submit your website to hundreds of search engines and directories worldwide to help you unleash the full potential of your online business. Contact Us

SSL Certificates

Secure your webserver with a SSL Certificate at Asia Pacific IT. The lowest cost provider of highly trusted stable & single root (no complex chained root installations) 128 / 256 bit SSL Certificates (we own all our own root certificates!) suitable for lite and professional level ecommerce - fully supported by tel, email and web and delivered immediately without the need for faxed paperwork! Learn More

Web Maintenance

This service is perfect for individuals and companies who do not have the time to maintain their website anymore, or who need an expert to make changes and update the site for them. Contact Us


We understand what's necessary to succeed in ecommerce and have developed a range of products, partnerships and educational information to help you with every step of the process. Asia Pacific IT provides the reliability, ease-of-use, security and performance you'll need to create and manage a successful online store. Please contact us for further information about our Ecommerce solutions.

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