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Australia Unlimited

Unlimited minutes to Australia

The Australia Unlimited plan offers the following for the low price of $49.95 per month:
Added Benefits
  • Free calls to other Asia Pacific IT VoIP members anywhere in the world.
  • Free calls to any US/Canada Toll Free Number.
  • Asia Pacific IT VoIP has Phone Numbers Available across the world.
  • Manage your account anytime through your Online Account Management.
  • You can 'Bring Your Own Device" or purchase directly from Asia Pacific IT VoIP.
  • Access to US/Canada emergency services with 911 Dialing.


  • You must have a broadband Internet connection.
  • You need an analog telephone adapter, IP Phone or Softphone.

You can start saving immediately! Place your order and then download the free softphone to immediately begin using your Asia Pacific IT VoIP account. No equipment needed.

Asia Pacific IT VoIP Australia Unlimited: $49.95 per month and one time setup fee of $24.95.


Australia Unlimited


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Total Cost Breakdown

First Month
Monthly Fee $49.95
Setup Fee $24.95
Total Startup Cost $74.90
  • Calls to mobile phones and countries outside of this calling plan are charged at normal rates and require long distance credit.
  • Australia Unlimited plan does not include a phone number to receive calls. Add a phone number from any location we offer for an addional fee. For more information visit our availability page.
  • International mobile carriers will charge the caller for any error messages and will be deducted from your account at the end of each call.
  • Residential Unlimited Plans are based on typical residential voice usage and is not permitted for commercial use.  Asia Pacific IT VoIP retains the right to require account upgrade or suspend service if the calling habits are outside these guidelines.
  • Calling plans are restricted for use by only a single Asia Pacific IT VoIP number/SIP device to prevent abuse.
  • Call forwarding to PSTN numbers requires the account have Prepaid Call Credit as forwarding calls to PSTN is not included with any unlimited plan.
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