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Phone Numbers

Choose an area code anywhere in the world!

Asia Pacific IT Telecom Solutions lets you expand your business like never before. Establish a Phone Number wherever your customers live and they can call you for the price of a local call. Whether they're around the corner, across the country or across the world, your customers and prospects can call you with no long distance fees.

How It Works

Asia Pacific IT Phone Numbers are inexpensive and easy to use. You can choose to have more than one number in locations around the corner or around the globe. Your numbers can ring to your Asia Pacific IT VOIP phone line or any other phone you choose using our free Call Forwarding feature (per minute fees may apply).

Give Your Business An Edge

Add phone numbers from other cities so your customers can reach you locally. For a low monthly fee you can add numbers from places like Tokyo, London, Sao Paulo, Miami and Los Angeles so clients and prospects worldwide can contact you without dialing long distance. Asia Pacific IT Telecom Solutions lets you do business around the world without opening an office and incurring additional expenses and overhead.

Remember Asia Pacific IT VOIP offers Phone Numbers worldwide so you can receive calls from friends and family from in any location we offer. Click here to see what area codes and countries we offer.

Upgrade Online

Add additional phone numbers to your existing account by logging into the user Control Panel and select Place Order

  • For U.S. and Canada Phone Numbers choose the product US/CA DID Number.
  • For International Phone Numbers choose the product International DID Number.
  • Once the order is provisioned, login to the user Control Panel, DID numbers tab to choose a Virtual Number for the new Phone Number to ring on.
  • If you're not yet an Asia Pacific IT VOIP customer, place your order for the plan of your choice and then follow the steps above. You can choose to have a Phone Number only plan by purchasing our Pay as you go account and then adding the Phone Number once.

Note: U.S. and Canada Phone Numbers require you to configure 911 service the first time you login to the user Control Panel.

Click here to see what area codes and countries we offer.
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