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Available Area Codes

Choose your own area code!

With Asia Pacific IT VOIP, you are no longer tied to your area code from your location. Our phone service is available worldwide, and you can choose a number in your local calling area or select a number from any location we offer including International.

For Example

Let's say you want to receive calls in Hong Kong where you use your Asia Pacific IT VOIP phone. Your customers are in Los Angeles and you don't want them to have to pay to call you. You could get an telephone number in the 310 area code that rings in Hong Kong. Now your customers doesn't have to pay long distance charges when they call you. There is no limit to the amount of telephone numbers you can have and they will ring anywhere in the world you connect using your Asia Pacific IT VOIP phone.

View available area codes

Check the availability of our phone numbers by selecting a location from the fields below.

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