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How It Works

How Search Engine Optimisation Works:

  • Sign Up
    Sign up by filling our contact form.

  • Account Assignment
    Your web site details are forwarded to one of our search engine optimization specialists.

  • Web Site Analysis
    Specialist examines your web site and business sector.

  • Keyword & Search Phrase Analysis
    Specialist determines the relevance, quality, and frequency of searches on terms that are specific to your business.

  • Web Site Evaluation & Consultation
    Specific web site recommendations and step-by-step instructions are given on how you can improve your site’s performance on search engines. For an additional fee our team can implement the changes for you.

  • Search Engine Submission
    Your web site is strategically submitted to top search engines.

  • Monitor Search Engine Ranking
    Specialist continually performs ongoing site and search engine checks to determine both search engine listings and relative ranking for specific search terms.

  • Evaluation & Feedback
    You are contacted to provide feedback on the quantity and quality of the new search engine traffic.

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