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What is a Virtual Private Server?

If you are looking for greater control and performance than a Shared Hosting account can offer, or a low cost upgrade path to a Dedicated Server, Virtual Private Servers deliver performance, security and flexibility in equal measure at a fraction of the cost.

A VPS should be regarded and used in much the same way as a Dedicated Server but because the costs of hardware, network connectivity and systems maintenance are distributed amongst those sharing the hardware, it represents an affordable choice - even for shared hosting customers.

How does VPS technology work?

Using Parallels® Virtuozzo Containers, an industry-leading virtualization software, we partition our hardware nodes into 'Virtual Servers' which behave exactly like individual dedicated servers, but all sit on the same physical hardware.
Each "Virtual Server" in turn has its own operating system with root access and a 100% guaranteed equal share of resources (Processor, Disk, RAM) which can be appropriated for any purpose. The real beauty of the system is that one VPS cannot physically be affected by another VPS using the same hardware. A Virtual Server behaves exactly like an isolated stand-alone Dedicated Server.
Here are some of the key concepts involved:

Dynamic partitioning

Due to fair sharing technology, each partition can have almost the same power as the full server. Hundreds of partitions can be created on one server, each with full dedicated-server functionality - root access, the ability to reboot and install any application, or change any file.

Resource Management

The technology we use allows for mainframe-like levels of resource utilization, monitoring and control on standard hardware. In addition to standard CPU, disk space and network I/O, it also enables complete memory (user, kernel and disk cache) and disk I/O management. VPS's are fully isolated with minimum and maximum resource guarantees, and very reasonable contention levels - which means you can be assured of the computing power you need!

OS Virtualization

VPS technology also enables us to move live sites or hundreds of running applications to another physical server for planned system maintenance or when hardware upgrades are required. This can be done with only a few seconds of planned downtime, with huge gains in availability.



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