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Domain Name Prices

Prices for new domain registrations, transfers and renewals

All prices are in US dollars Click here for other currencies

Price per year by domain name extension.
.com $USD  14.95/yr
.net $USD  14.95/yr
.info $USD  14.95/yr
.biz $USD  14.95/yr
.org $USD  14.95/yr
.name $USD  14.95/yr
.ca $USD  19.95/yr
.us $USD  14.95/yr
.eu $USD  35.00/yr
.ws $USD  35.00/yr
.mobi $USD  35.00/yr
.cc $USD  19.95/yr
.tv $USD  29.95/yr
.ac $USD  79.95/yr
.ag $USD  99.95/yr $USD  69.95/yr
.at $USD  64.95/yr
.bz $USD  35.00/yr
.cn $USD  40.00/yr
.de $USD  35.00/yr
.fm $USD  74.95/yr
.gs $USD  45.00/yr $USD  69.95/yr
.in $USD  35.00/yr $USD  19.95/yr $USD  19.95/yr $USD  19.95/yr
.io $USD  79.95/yr
.ms $USD  45.00/yr $USD  55.00/yr $USD  45.00/yr $USD  45.00/yr $USD  45.00/yr $USD  45.00/yr $USD  45.00/yr $USD  45.00/yr
.sh $USD  59.95/yr
.vc $USD  45.00/yr $USD  45.00/yr $USD  45.00/yr $USD  69.95/yr $USD  69.95/yr
.am $USD  79.95/yr $USD  49.00/yr $USD  49.00/yr $USD  49.00/yr
.hn $USD  69.95/yr $USD  69.95/yr $USD  69.95/yr $USD  14.95/yr $USD  14.95/yr $USD  14.95/yr
.it $USD  45.00/yr
.la $USD  45.00/yr
.mn $USD  55.00/yr $USD  45.00/yr $USD  45.00/yr
.pl $USD  45.00/yr $USD  45.00/yr
.sc $USD  45.00/yr $USD  45.00/yr
.tc $USD  45.00/yr
.tk $USD  35.00/yr
.tm $USD  125.00/yr $USD  45.00/yr
.vg $USD  45.00/yr
Price per year by additional service.
WhoisProtector $USD  4.95 /yr
Rapid SSL $USD  25.00 /yr
Mobile Website Builder $USD  39.00 /yr

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