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.Asia is a new domain for individuals and organisations in the vast Asian region.

.Asia Registrations

The .Asia domain release is one of the most important of its kind in several years - be sure to check your options, now that pre-registration is effectively over and the registry is now live to the public.

You can't afford to register anywhere else!

  • The .Asia registry commenced 'Go-Live' registrations on a First-come, First-served basis on March 26th. The registry is therefore now completely unrestricted, and anyone may apply for a given .asia name.
  • Asia registrations cost just $24.95/yr
  • Customers not qualifying as having interests in the Asia-pacific region can still register .Asia names using our Proxy / CED Contact Service at a cost of $9.95 / yr/domain (recurring)

Why .Asia?

The Asia/Pacific economy, which spans from Turkey to Japan, is home to more than 60% of the world's population. When you register a .asia domain name, you:

  • Save money with a regional domain name rather than registering one for each individual country
  • Open yourself to hundreds of millions of Internet users
  • Signal your presence in one of the fastest growing markets in the world
  • Choose from a wealth of available names

Why Register with Asia Pacific IT?

While other registrars have come and gone, our global dnr team and registry arm DomainPeople, has established itself as a major player in the domain name registration arena with almost 10 years of experience. When you register with us, you get:

  • Experience —Our history of successful domain name registrations and new TLD launches (eg. .EU and .MOBI) assures you that your registration will be handled by seasoned professionals.
  • Credibility - We are an accredited registrar with DotAsia Organization Ltd, the ICANN-appointed registry.
  • Helps Meet Requirements — You’re required to have a contact that is a legal entity in Asia to qualify for a .asia domain name. We can lend you a "local presence"; thereby satisfying .asia’s Charter Eligibility Requirement for you.

How Much Does .Asia Cost?

Registration Fee: $24.95/yr

Proxy / CED Contact Service Fee : $9.95/yr (recurring per year) Learn More

Proxy Service Asia Pacific IT offer for those applying from outside a .ASIA affiliated country

BBC news article: Internet names for Asia launched

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.Asia Domain Registration

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