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The .Mobi Revolution is Here!

Did you know there are nearly 2 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide? That’s more than there are landline subscribers. And increasingly, these mobile owners are using their phones to connect to the Internet. Imagine the potential of tapping into this growing market. Imagine being able to connect your business to your customers while they are at home or on-the-go. That’s the power of a .mobi domain name. Click here to register you .MOBI Domain name

What is .Mobi?

Using the Internet on your mobile phone or PDA today is not really the experience it should be. Typically it is not very practical, and expensive too as sites are often not optimised for mobile viewing and take lots of time to download.

.mobi is set to change this. It is the first domain dedicated to delivering the Internet to a phone or PDA and it will revolutionize the way that people view the web from their mobile device by clearly identifying made-for-mobile Internet content and applications.

.mobi websites are required to follow certain guidelines, published in the mTLD’s ‘Switch On Guides’. These contain a mixture of mandatory and recommended best practices for developing mobile content and services. This not only assures .mobi visitors that content has been properly formatted for viewing from a phone or PDA, but also represents a key facet of the .mobi proposition.

It means .mobi users will receive the most relevant content and information, saving them time and money. People who wish to find information on their mobile devices are increasingly likely to use .mobi websites on which to find it.

The registry already has the support of industry leaders such as Google, Nokia and Microsoft. Take a look at how some companies are using .mobi to reach the billions of mobile users worldwide. More...

Summary of Benefits

  • Reach Customers ‘On the Go’
    Whether you're a business looking to tap into the huge market of mobile phone users, or someone looking to develop their own personal mobile site, .mobi opens up a hole new world of possibilities. Last year saw a record increase in the number of people using their phones to send messages, download music and videos, check their email, and browse the Internet. It's time to get in on the act!
  • Save Your Customers Money
    What better way to drive business to your mobile site than by making it affordable for customers to access it? .mobi sites are intended to deliver the most relevant content to mobile Internet users. This means that they won’t have to worry about paying for kilobytes of extra information that they do not need.
  • Save Your Customers Time
    Ask any mobile user who has browsed the Internet from their phone and they will tell you how frustrating it is downloading pages that are slow, difficult to navigate, and that exceed their phone’s screen size. Having a .mobi extension will let your customers know that they can access your mobile site conveniently, reliably and quickly. Let your customers know that your mobile site is designed with them in mind.

    NEW Additions!
  • Mobile Business Site Builder
    Build and customize your very own mobile Internet site in minutes. Choose from a selection of themes and design templates and be able to upload images to share with all your friends while you’re on the go.
  • .mobi Compliant Business Card Page
    Each .mobi registration comes with a customizable mobile webpage where you can insert a photo, map, contact information and several links to make it easier for people to find you wherever they may be.
  • .mobi Parking Page
    Even if you are not quite ready to develop your mobile site, reserve your .mobi domain and then use our complimentary parking page to let customers know that your site will be “coming soon”.
    Coming Soon!
  • Mobile Blogging
    Maintain your own online journal and post messages, images and videos to it at home or while you’re on the road with your very own .mobi Blog. Invite all your friends to join in on the fun. Mobile blogging is already one of the hottest trends in Europe and Asia. Find out what you’re missing out on. Plus much more!!!
  • Mobile Audio/Video
    Wow your friends and competitors by adding streaming audio and video to your mobile-friendly site. Share clips taken on your mobile - the possibilities are endless!

Trust in Us to Deliver

Asia Pacific IT is an ICANN accredited .mobi registrar through our partner Domain People Inc, based in Vancouver. See mTLD's list of accredited registrars here.

Asia Pacific IT has proven experience in domain registrations and pre-registrations. Let our expertise and state-of-the-art systems give you a better chance of securing your domain.

Other Services Included:

Name server editing
Registration information management
Domain forwarding and masking
Domain locking
Web-based control panel

Click here to register you .MOBI Domain name

For additional information, please see our .mobi faq page.

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