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EU Domains General FAQs

.eu Frequently Asked Questions  

• What is .eu?
• Why should I register a .eu domain?
• Who operates the Registry for .eu?
• Who can register a .eu domain?
• How long can I register a .eu domain for?

What is .eu?
.eu is a new Top Level Domain that is available to any individual that is an European Union resident or any organization or company established in the EU. It does not replace the existing national ccTLDs in the EU, but complements them, giving EU residents the option of having a pan-European Internet identity for their online presence. This new TLD is particularly useful for organizations and companies operating at a European level, which have taken advantage of the EU Single Market.

Why should I register a .eu domain?
The EU has one of the largest numbers of Internet users in the world and the introduction of the .eu TLD has created even more awareness of the Internet as a global medium for trade and the exchange of information. You will gain continent-wide exposure that is recognizable in all 25 EU member countries.

Benefit from the opportunity to take advantage of a brand new TLD and have a greater chance secure the domains of your choice in the first ever pan European TLD to take advantage of the single EU market.

Who operates the Registry for .eu?

The .eu TLD is managed and operated by a private sector, non-profit organisation called EURid (the Registry), in consultation with the European Internet community.

Who can register a .eu domain?

  • A natural resident of the European Union
  • An organization established within the European Union without prejudice to the adherence to national laws.
  • An individual with undertakings of having a registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the European Union.

How long can I register a .eu domain for?

A .eu domain name can be registered for a maximum term of 1 year. Registrants will be emailed renewal reminders prior to the expiry date of the domain.

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