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.DE DomainsGeneral FAQs

.de Frequently Asked Questions

What is a .de domain name?

A .de domain name is a domain that is registered at the official German domain name Registry called DENIC. There are over 8 million .de domain names registered worldwide making .de the second most popular and recognized domain extension next to .com.

What is a ccTLD Domain Name?

The term ccTLD stands for country code Top Level Domain. Every country around the world is designated by a unique country code. Germany uses .de for it's country code. Other country codes include .uk for the United Kingdom, .us for the United States, and .ca for Canada.

Why should I register a .de domain name?

One reason is to obtain national and regional identification with the German and European markets. A .de ccTLD can provide national and regional identification and recognition within these growing markets that a regular TLD cannot. Many companies and organizations are increasingly adopting this method of online regional brand expansion as they try to distinguish themselves from being just a ?.com' brand.

Another reason to register a .de domain name is because of the limited domain name availability in other common domain extensions. Most of the more-desired, attractive domain names in the domain market have already been taken. This causes businesses and individuals to register obscure names and phrases as domain names since their preferred names are not available.

Where can I view the Terms and Conditions for a .de Domain Name?

The Terms and Conditions for a .de domain name are located on the DENIC website. There is an English version as well as an official German version. All registrants that register a .de domain name through Asia Pacific IT are required to be bound by the Asia Pacific IT Agreement and the DENIC .de agreement. The .de agreement can be viewed at:

I don't have an address in Germany, can I still get a .de domain name?

If you or your organization do not have an address in Germany, you can still get a .de domain name if the administrative contact for your domain has a German address and can act as your authorized representative. Asia Pacific IT provides a proxy administrative contact with an address in Germany that can act as your representative. Please Note: An additional yearly fee may be charged for this service at the time of ordering. You will be notified by email if any correspondence of an official or legal capacity that is received on your behalf. You will be responsible for forwarding and handling fees to have documents sent to your address.

What contact information will the whois display for my .de domain name?

The Asia Pacific IT whois information will display the Registrant name and address in addition to the name, address, phone number, and email address of the administrative, technical, and billing contacts that you provide us with. If you do not have an address in Germany we will add our administrative proxy address to the registration information that we submit to the DENIC Registry.

If I use the Asia Pacific IT administrative proxy address, how will I know if someone if trying to contact me?

You will be notified by email if any correspondence of an official or legal capacity that is received on your behalf. The notification will include a description of the mailing label and the handling and forwarding fees required to have the document sent to your address. You will be given a limited number of days in which to respond to the email after which it will be assumed that your do not wish to have the documents forwarded. You will be responsible for forwarding and handling fees to have documents sent to your address. Please Note: Asia Pacific IT cannot be held liable for the any legal actions taken against you resulting from the delivery or non delivery of postage addresses to our proxy administrative contact.

How long can I register a .de domain name for?

The .de TLD can be registered through Asia Pacific IT for the same registration periods as a .com domain name 1 to 10 years.

Will I receive a refund if I delete my .de domain before it expires?

All registrations are final and no refunds are provided if the domain is deleted prior to it's expiry.

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