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Live Support Helpdesk

The Hosted Web Based Help Desk Software You’ve Been Waiting For

If you’re looking for hosted help desk software, then you’ve come to the right place. Live Support Helpdesk is the ultimate in customer service suites, encompassing live chat, dual external/internal knowledgebases/faqs, and a complete ticket tracking system, all in a rebrandable, fully customizable environment. Unlike other companies that only sell one piece of the puzzle, Live Support Helpdesk does it all, and comes feature-packed with exactly those services you most need for a good customer support system.

No Other Hosted Customer Service Software Solution Can Compete

While you’re welcome to upload Live Support Helpdesk on your own servers, most businesses need a hosted customer service solution that can handle the load for them. That’s why we offer the hosted version of Live Support Helpdesk; there’s no software to install, and we setup everything on our end—plus, since it’s hosted on our servers, you access everything through the web. Nothing could be easier.

Our datacenters allows a high availability of bandwidth routed through several physically distant top tier entry points such as Sprint, AT&T, MCI, and others. Forget 99% uptime guarantees; our low latency network guarantees 100% uptime, because we handle everything the right way. Datacenter air is filtered and cycled every 90 seconds, and the multiply redundant systems are kept secure behind biometric/keycard locks kept under constant surveillance. Believe me when I say that your data is secure with us.

What Does Hosted Customer Support Software Like This Cost?

If you’ve been shopping around for a good hosted customer support software solution, than prepare yourself for a bit of a shock: despite including more features, better reliability, and easier to use software than our competitors, we still only have a monthly charge of $34.95/operator! That’s right; you get 1,000,000 hits per month, unlimited tickets, free upgrades for life, and free same day technical support all for much less than what you may end up paying elsewhere! For many businesses, Live Support Helpdesk really is a dream come true.


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