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Live Support Helpdesk


Live Support Helpdesk is a dynamic support system that includes live chat, ticket support (web and email based), knowledgebase, document manager and troubleshooter all in one easy to use solution. Live Support Helpdesk help system is flexible and robust and allows you to use only the required component. Our live chat software increases your customer satisfaction and reduces your support cost and time.
  • Create Tickets From Emails
    Our help desk software allows you to create help desk tickets from pop3 email accounts. Therefore, your clients can either fill out your online web form or send an email if they require support..

  • Re-Brand Live Support Helpdesk
    Live Support Helpdesk can be easily re-branded so that web developers and designers can sell the product as their own.

  • Real-Time Chat
    Live Support Helpdesk enables you to engage in real-time chat with your website visitors. Your web site visitors will be shown an icon and know if there are available staff from the selected department be able to easily request help from the selected department.

  • Pro-Active Chat
    Live Support Helpdesk enables staff members to request chat conversations from web site visitors using a number of methods. First, staff members can pop-open a chat box on the visitor’s browser. Another option allows staff members to engage visitors with an image that invites the visitor to chat. Finally, staff members can engage visitors with a floating icon that will scroll across the visitor’s browser.

  • Ajax Chat Interface
    Live Support Helpdesk chat uses AJAX (Technology pioneered by Google and used in GMail, Google Maps and other Google Applications). Using this technology allows the Live Support Helpdesk chat experience to work more efficiently.

  • No Special Download Required for Live Chat
    Live Support Helpdesk Ajax chat interface does not require clients to download any special plug-in before they chat with your staff.

  • Customizable Help Desk
    Live Support Helpdesk includes an advance help desk component that allows visitors to add support tickets via email or help form. Once the ticket is entered, all staff members from the selected department are notified and the staff member can reply via the help desk area or email. Also, the administrator can customize the help desk submit form to collect additional information from users.

  • Powerful Knowledgebase
    Live Support Helpdesk includes an advance knowledgebase with very powerful features including unlimited categories and sub-categories, internal only knowledgebase, glossary, advance searching, attachments, comments and more.

  • Intuitive Troubleshooter
    The troubleshooter section will allow users to follow a series of questions to find answers to common problems. When you add a topic, you can add unlimited questions and answers under the topic. In addition, you can even create additional topics under a specific topic.

  • Enhanced Document Manager
    Live Support Helpdesk includes an optional Document Manager that allows you to make documents available to users of your help desk. This option could be used if you have documents or software upgrades that you have to make available to specific users. You may limit access to specific interest groups.

  • Staff Calendar / Address Book
    Live Support Helpdesk includes an optional calendar available to all staff members where staff members can post to-do items for themselves or other staff members. They can also setup to receive email reminders. In addition Live Support Helpdesk includes a separate address book where staff members can post information and make that information available to all or selected staff members.

  • Staff Internal Mail System
    Live Support Helpdesk includes an optional internal mail system. Through our internal mail system staff members can easily communicate and send attachments that are only viewable from the Live Support Helpdesk system.

  • Detail Reports
    Live Support Helpdesk comes with a set of detail reports that allows you to view information such as web site traffic, referrers, user details, staff reports, visitor transcripts, user chat reports, staff events, knowledgebase reports, and survey reports. This is only a sampling of the reports offered by Live Support Helpdesk.

  • Search Engine Integration
    Live Support Helpdesk allows you to view which search engines your web site visitors are coming from and the key words used to reach your site.

  • Multi-Lingual
    Live Support Helpdesk allows you to easily translate the entire administrative, staff and user pages to ANY language. In addition to translating the software you can also change the MySql Character Set.

  • Third-Party Login API (TPLA)
    Live Support Helpdesk comes with an API to allow you to integrate with other software applications so that when you create login accounts with third-party applications you can automatically create accounts within your Live Support Helpdesk.

  • Optional Windows Sys-tray Application
    Live Support Helpdesk includes a system tray windows application that allows staff members to minimize the monitor window to the system tray instead of the task bar. Therefore, the monitor window cannot accidentally be closed. This is an optional feature.

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